Clinic in a Bag
Any Patient
Any Time
Any Place
Clinic in a Bag

CLINIC IN A BAG is a comprehensive cloud based examination platform clinicians can wirelessly deploy to assess patients at any point of care.

Clinic in a Bag
  • Patient to Patient
  • Ward to Ward
  • City to City
CLINIC IN A BAG is a comprehensive examination whenever and wherever clinicians need it.
Clinic in a Bag
Clinic in a Bag combines vitals, cutting edge diagnostic devices, lab work and HD telemedicine with the power of cloud analysis and EHR reporting to create a new level of accessible examination… A clinic without walls.
HEART: Auscultation, 3 Lead EKG, Heart Failure Analysis (SPI)
LUNG: Spirometry, Lung Function
VITALS: Pulse Oximetry, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Digital Weight, Heart Rate, Breathing Rate
IMAGING: Vascular Ultrasound, Thoracic Ultrasound, Abdominal Ultrasound (not available in the US)
LAB WORK: Cholesterol Lipid Panel, Blood Glucose, Urinalysis
TELEMEDICINE: Remote Consultation, HD Photo Visual Exam, Video Encounter, Cloud EMR Reports
Clinic in a Bag
Clinic in a Bag generates cloud based EHR reports and analysis for examinations done in a facility or in the field.

Lab work
Remote Consultation


The Future of Telemedicine

Clinic in a Bag is a comprehensive and accurate cloud based medical device platform you can wirelessly deploy to assess your patients at any point of care.

Clinic in a Bag streamlines diagnosis at an affordable cost by deploying heart, lung, cardiovascular, vital signs, imaging and lab clinical assessments for any physical examination.





Malpractice Avoided, Cost Controlled.

The Clinic in a Bag connected clinician device platform is to be deployed at any point of care.  The result is a comprehensive and precise physical examination to be shared in real time amongst the care team.



Reduce. Errors, Improve Outcomes.

Clinic in a Bag connects vitals, diagnostic and lab devices with live notes, real-time consults, HD photos for visual exams and a complete EMR report. Whether remotely or in the facility, clean clinical data is now and always accessible.



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A Clinic In A Bag.

Connected Care Any Time, Any Place.

Clinic in a Bag devices are always connected to mobile and cloud.  With multiple portability options( Kit, Cart and Wall), clinicians have the tools they need- anytime, anywhere.

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The Most Affordable Solution for Connected Care.

The Clinic in a Bag makes medical devices accessible, and configurable to your needs.


The Clinic in a Bag BASE Platform is equipped with CardioSleeve and adds vitals-  Pulse Ox, IR Thermometer and Blood Pressure Cuff.



Clinic in a Bag ADVANCED expands diagnostic capabilities by connecting a Weight Scale, Spirometer*, Ultrasound* or Blood Glucose Meter.

CardioSleeve   Pulse OX   IR Thermometer   Blood Pressure   Weight Scale   Spirometer   Ultrasound   Blood Glucose
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Telemedicine Focused on the Clinician.

The Bottom Line- Saved Lives, Time and Costs.

The health examination should not be replaced by technology, but assisted with technology. The Clinic in a Bag is a connected device solution for clinician administered, digital assessments. This saves lives, time and costs for each and every encounter.






“It is a whole new way to empower healthcare providers to save lives and optimize patient outcomes at any point of care by efficiently orchestrating physical exam devices within a single unified cloud management platform.”

Raj Kapoor, MD, FCCP


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The Clinic in a Bag connected clinical device platform is to be deployed at any point of care.

Clinic in a Bag is immensely useful in multiple specialties, points of care and units.  Clinic in a Bag goes beyond vitals, by connecting diagnostics- CardioSleeve, Spirometer and Ultrasound- to enhance emergency, primary, specialty and ambulatory assessments. The result is a comprehensive and precise physical examination to be shared in real time amongst the care team.





Case Study:

Emergency Response

If a Heart Failure patient is experiencing shortness of breath, it will not only be difficult to obtain information, but could also compromise the patient's condition by forcing him or her to exert. For such a patient , fast and reliable analysis is an important live saving tool. 

i2Dtx CardioSleeve transmits and records real-time high fidelity 3-Lead ECG, Heart Sounds and analyzes Systolic Performance Index at the point of care for a rapid intervention.  This saves time, and lives.






Rijuven democratizes healthcare by leveraging ubiquitous mobile infrastructure (device, mobile, cloud) for health examination, remote monitoring and management of any patient, anywhere, anytime. 

Rijuven’s Primary Care Platform (PCP) integrates apps, wireless devices, labs, telemedicine and remote patient monitoring into one ultra-portable care delivery system. The connected cloud provides clinical decision support, reporting, population management and interoperability with your EMR. Together, they extend existing primary, acute and chronic disease care models across traditional silos to benefit patients and lower cost.

Rijuven brings the physical exam into the digital age. Our  connected devices and clinical analytics are the only cloud management platform that streamlines doctor-patient interaction at any point of care.

Rijuven's intelligent integrated diagnostic and telemedicine platform offers an ‘intelligent’  solution that streamlines the doctor-patient interaction at any point of care. It transforms physical examination into a highly sophisticated procedure without losing the intimate connection between the physician and the patient.