care delivery platform  - "a clinic without walls"

Our cloud-based Care Delivery Platform leverages the ubiquity of mobile technology, enabling clinicians to remotely diagnose patients. Our platform has the capability to connect distributed care teams, facilitating efficient patient management and care planning from anywhere in the world.


Spend more time with patients and less time doing paperwork

WE DO THE HEAVY LIFTING.  Start implementing robust healthcare services that meet compliance requirements for payer, provider and government organizations on day one.

If it involves CARE, we got you covered!  Whether it is Primary Care, Chronic Care, Acute Care, Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic Care Management, Transitional Care, Population Health… we can help you implement it quickly and cost-effectively.

HIPAA Compliant

FDA Listed

CE Mark for EU

ISO 13485

A FLEXIBLE AND SCALABLE Platform That Supports Everyone

No matter what your target market is, our platform will help you win the BIG customers in healthcare.







allowing physicians to reach more patients remotely while increasing quality of care

We simplify care delivery by increasing care points and bringing healthcare into communities, rural or urban.

-Our platform empowers field workers with a plug-play medical infrastructure to perform comprehensive exams wherever, whenever.

-Leveraging mobile, doctors living in urban areas, and even other countries, can remotely diagnose patients.

-Medical professionals can be deployed by the millions and each one becomes a care access point.

                         Patient List||Triage and Alerts

                         Patient List||Triage and Alerts

               Patient Dashboard and Encounters

               Patient Dashboard and Encounters

                      Population Health Profile

                      Population Health Profile

Clinic in a Bag 


As part of our Care Delivery Platform, Clinic in a Bag generates cloud based EHR reports and analysis for examinations done in a facility or in the field.

Lab work
Remote Consultation

Our Care Delivery Platform addresses extension and access to healthcare by allowing physicians to remotely and comprehensively assess patients for cardiac and chronic disease – arrhythmias, murmurs, CHF, COPD, Diabetes Mellitus.  The platform generates a complete report characterizing:

•   The heart’s electrical (arrhythmia), mechanical (murmur) and pumping ability (Systolic Performance Index) of the heart

•   The patient’s vital signs – blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, oxygenation, body mass index (Vital Signs Risk Index)

•   Lung function – peak flow or spirometry

•   Metabolic, kidney and liver function (POC lipid panel, glucose and urinalysis)

•   Other visible problems with the skin, ear, nose or throat (visible light otoscope).

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Connecting Patients with care providers

We understand that care providers are busy people and that sometimes they are with clients, driving on the road or picking up their children from school. Our platform automates the Intakes process, connecting those in need of care with care providers.