We bring the clinic to your worksite. In no time, you will have all of the infrastructure needed to deliver medical care to your employees.  Injuries and illnesses are treated quickly onsite, without waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

When you partner with us, we will work with you to determine your organization’s overall health and wellness needs. Together, we can create a worksite clinic that is right for you and your employees.



"We understand that the number of Occupational Medicine (OM) physicians is not sufficient to meet current demand and with the changing complexity of workforce health/safety issues, this demand will only grow."



partner with us for a customized onsite clinic to help you keep your workforce healthy and productive within weeks.


your onsite clinic will provide:

Primary Care
Routine check-ups and initial diagnoses of new health issues.

Urgent Care
Episodic care, such as sore throat, sinusitis, or sprains.

Occupational Medicine
Pre-employment and Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals and screenings, drug and alcohol testing, and specialized regulatory testing in compliance with federal workplace safety regulations.

Chronic Condition Management
Ongoing care and management of select chronic conditions.

Health Promotion, Education, and Coaching
Health risk assessment follow-up, biometric screenings, health coaching, lifestyle management programs, and education.

Basic Wellness and Prevention
Physical exams, immunizations, and preventative screenings.



Benefits of your onsite clinic:

  • Convenient access to health care services will reduce lost productivity that results from a worker taking 3-4 hours to leave the worksite, travel, wait for and see health care providers and to obtain drugs and services
  • Making first aid and acute services available at the worksite will reduce the use and cost of hospital emergency rooms – the highest cost setting for obtaining medical services – for non-emergency conditions
  • Providing low or no cost resources and treatment will increase use of preventive and wellness services and programs, lessening the severity of common illnesses, augmenting management of chronic conditions that require regular checkups, improving medication compliance and patient outcomes overall
  • Investing in well-being of employees with workplace ‘health and wellness’ benefits can help attract and retain employees – clinics are often viewed as the most popular benefit by workers
  • Delivering medical services at the worksite will reduce overaIl costs, as there will be no required revenue margins placed on top of the services or products provided to patients at the clinic

Onsite Clinic Staffing

Staffing practices vary from one onsite clinic to another, though most  facilities are led by a Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant. With our system, the OM physician can make "in-clinic quality" diagnostic decisions remotely.

Additionally, the OM physician can be available via telemedicine to supplement services after hours or to those in remote locations.

why us?

Cost Effective

Comprehensive worksite clinic at a fraction of the cost of a regular clinic.

Fast implementation

You can have your worksite clinic implemented within weeks.


Comprehensive and timely reporting, as well as expert service consultation.


We work with you to provide a total solution for your employer health and wellness needs.


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