A NEW ERA OF remote patient monitoring is here. 



Present a medication adherence checklist to patients each day.


Track, manage and address symptoms as they arise and vitals before they worsen.


Send messages such as changes to Rx or diet directly to your patients.


Rijuven changes traditional telehealth and remote care monitoring models by delivering a solution with comprehensive benefits to all parties involved. The most striking benefits of Rijuven's  Remote Patient Monitoring technology include:

  • END-TO-END SOLUTION. Powerful Care Delivery Platform empowers field workers and  with a plug-play medical infrastructure to perform comprehensive exams wherever, whenever.  
  • LOWER COST. Immediate deployments for as much as 50 percent lower than other remote patient monitoring programs.
  • MORE ACCESS. Patients using our solution are given access to our innovative suite of exam options, enabling better and more comprehensive diagnostic decision by the physician.
  • BETTER ENGAGEMENT. Our Remote Patient Monitoring solution provides more frequent touchpoints among clinicians, caregivers, patients and their families. Studies on a variety of conditions such as CHF and strokes show that patients with active family caregivers are more likely to improve than those without.

Smart Clinical Tools for data acquisition

Although we've developed our own patented, FDA cleared clinical tools technology - CardioSleeve - Rejiva -  we also recognize that every business has different needs. So we've curated the right combination of products to deliver a comprehensive and scalable experience. Combining our with clinical tools with data analytics, we create comprehensive solutions for different healthcare application.

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