Check the health of a beating heart!!

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Welcome to Rijuven, Seed of Health Innovation. At Rijuven, we believe that innovative medical devices require a core value of design, utility and function.

We are a team of dedicated innovators that are determined to solve the problems impacting world health. We synthesize cutting edge technology, medical expertise and an understanding for the patient experience into products that better the lives we touch and make healthcare portable. Healthcare’s future drives the quality standard to which we keep. We are a seed of health innovation. Learn More



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Medical Devices

For Medical Professionals, Rijuven’s first FDA cleared medical device is CardioSleeve, the first stethoscope attachment that administers 3-Lead ECG and Digital Auscultation at any point of care. Created by a team of clinicians needing ECG diagnostic support on-demand, the CardioSleeve combines the elements of design, utility and function. Click here to learn more about CardioSleeve.

Rijuven innovation doesn’t stop there. Rijuven has created a pipeline of innovative medical devices for clinicians that harness modern advancements in sensor technology, and that will change the way we provide care in any healthcare environment. Currently in development, we are building devices that improve on efficiencies in multiple areas of medicine; that expand healthcare’s reach to underserved populations; that increase outcomes for the patients our devices touch.



 Check the health of a beating heart!!


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Patient Centered Innovation

Rijuven innovation is portable, creating the opportunity for facility grade monitoring of patients outside of medical facilities.  rejiva is the revolutionary next step in Cardiac Telemetry that will allow heart monitoring remotely at any point of care.

Clinicians have also long understood the value of preventive health and wellness. In today’s mhealth age, technological advancements have allowed clinicians to offer innovations that will empower patients to engage in their healthcare.


Our patient centered health and wellness devices will provide a cutting-edge approach to overall health by providing meaningful insights from sensor technologies. Rijuven’s first patient centered device, rejiva will be available soon.