Intelligent Integrated Diagnostic Telemedicine Platform- Connected Devices are the future of telemedicine.  Coming Soon.

Bring your Exam Into the Digital Age

i2Dtx is the only unified device/ cloud management platform that streamlines doctor-patient interaction.

At Any Point of Care

•Vital Signs:
Pulse Ox | IR Thermometer | Blood Pressure
•3-Lead ECG
•Cardiac Function
•Lung Function
•Ultrasound: Thoracic/Abdomen/Vascular
•Blood Glucose/Cholesterol
•Digital Weight Scale




i2Dtx CardioSleeve is the first FDA cleared stethoscope add-on device for clinicians to acquire 3-Lead ECG and Digital Heart Sound at any point of care. CardioSleeve enhances the traditional stethoscope by recording, displaying and analyzing the heart's ECG and acoustical footprints, syncronized, in real time via any wirelessly connected portable device.


CardioSleeve is scheduled for release in 2015.  Click here to receive updates:





Visit Rijuven's booth at the American Telemedicine Association.  The American Telemedicine Association is the leading international resource and advocate promoting the use of advanced remote medical technologies.  At the 2015 conference, we will be demonstrating our telehealth technologies.


Medical Devices

For Medical Professionals, Rijuven’s first FDA cleared medical device is CardioSleeve, the first stethoscope attachment that administers 3-Lead ECG and Digital Auscultation at any point of care. Created by a team of clinicians needing ECG diagnostic support on-demand, the CardioSleeve combines the elements of design, utility and function. Click here to learn more about CardioSleeve.

Rijuven innovation doesn’t stop there. Rijuven has created a pipeline of innovative medical devices for clinicians that harness modern advancements in sensor technology, and that will change the way we provide care in any healthcare environment. Currently in development, we are building devices that improve on efficiencies in multiple areas of medicine; that expand healthcare’s reach to underserved populations; that increase outcomes for the patients our devices touch.




The Physical Exam- Reimagined.

Soon, Rijuven will bring the phsyical exam into the digital age.  i2Dtx will be the only cloud management platform that streamlines doctor-patient interaction at any point of care.

There is a growing gap between medical technology and clinical skills, in which advice based on the interview and examination is replaced by that based on laboratory results and technical procedures.

Rijuven Intelligent Integrated Diagnostic and Telemedicine Platform (i2Dtx) offers an ‘intelligent’  solution that streamlines the doctor-patient interaction at any point of care. It transforms physical examination into a highly sophisticated procedure without losing the intimate connection of the physician to the patient.

Intelligent Integrated Patient Management Platform

Rijuven innovation is portable, creating the opportunity for facility grade monitoring of patients both inside and outside of medical facilities. 

Clinicians have also long understood the value of preventive health and wellness. In today’s telemedicine age, technological advancements have allowed clinicians to offer innovations that will empower patients to engage in their healthcare.

Patient Centered Innovation

i2Ptm is the revolutionary next step in continuous patient monitoring that will allow heart monitoring remotely at any point of care.

  • Cardiac Telemetry
  • Fall Detection
  • Bed Sore Management


Consumer Health Devices

Our consumer health and wellness devices will provide a cutting-edge approach to overall health by providing meaningful insights from sensor technologies. Rijuven’s first consumer centered device, is currently available for preorder.







rejiva is the first wireless biofeedback patch that captures overall health, manages stress, appraises the aging process, monitors rest and tracks energy level.

rejiva measures ECG, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Respiratory Rate, Sleep Position, Restfulness, Breathing Index, and Energy Level to analyze the state of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).